Ushijima Architects, Inc. (UAI) was hired by Aloha Pacific Federal Credit Union to provide conceptual design services for a consortium of five Honolulu-based credit unions to establish a program, conceptual loft space shell design, and cost analysis for the development of a new 150,000 s.f., 7-story pre-cast office building; 7-story pre-cast parking structure with 260 stalls; and a 65,960 s.f. on-grade asphalt parking lot on a 3.0 acre site in the heart of Kapolei.


Upon initially meeting with the developers of the property, UAI suggested utilizing the expertise of Jay Kadowaki, Inc. (JKI), the General Contractor of the newly built Nordstrom at Ala Moana Center. UAI worked collaboratively with JKI to establish a budget cost for the facility and to establish key infrastructure components of the conceptual design of the building, including floor to floor heights, exterior finishes, utilizing asphalt versus concrete at on-grade parking surfaces, and various roofing alternatives.


Because of this collaborative effort, UAI was able to present an accurate budgetary number, which the consortium could then use to determine the development cost for each of their responsibilities.